About us

Hi, we’re MausTech. (Yes, it is pronounced “mouse” and yes, it is pretty funny.)

We specialise in low-cost monthly IT support packages for businesses to alleviate tech headaches and heartache.

We know that businesses rely on computers for everything from sales to social media; it’s unavoidable when running a modern business. Despite this, we also know that many businesses believe they can’t deal with their tech for themselves; that it’s too expensive, time-consuming and deadly dull.

We hear you. Working with computers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but luckily for you, it is ours.

So who are we?

We are Andy and Victoria Maus. Your friendly husband and wife IT support team.

We could tell you that Andy is our IT consultant with 21 years’ experience supporting all kinds of industries. We could tell you that Victoria takes care of marketing and other stuff. We could tell you that, or we could let you get to know us a little.