Happy Computer Security Day!!

Happy Computer Security Day!

Have you put up your Computer Security Day decorations and sent those last-minute Computer Security Day cards?

You haven’t?! What do you mean it’s not a real holiday? *takes off party hat* Damn it, we thought we were getting the day off for a minute there… Wish we hadn’t ordered that cake now. Ahem.

Before you fall asleep at the mere thought of computer security, let’s run through some top tips to keep your computer secure all year round. Because computer security is for life, kids.

Pesky Passwords

First up, let’s talk about your passwords. Stop rolling your eyes! Ok, so you know that your password should all be different. You know that they should be complex. You know you shouldn’t write them on bloody Post-It notes and leave them lying around.

Great, then our job here is done. In the spirit of celebrating Computer Security Day, why not give your passwords a quick audit? Oh yeah, we know how to party.

Worrisome Wi-Fi

Even if you have an office you spend most of your week in, you’re bound to escape to a nearby coffee shop for meetings occasionally. Or is that just us? While it’s great that you get online anywhere and everywhere these days, it’s a real security risk.

Fear not, we’re not trying to take away the joy of a caffeine fix while you stalk people on LinkedIn catch up on your email. We’ve got a couple of suggestions for making sure your computer stays happy and safe though:

  • Do not use public Wi-Fi without a VPN. (Not to be confused with a VPL, that’s the wrong Google search to do entirely.) A VPN ensures that no one can see your internet traffic, keeping your data safe from unscrupulous gits who might try to steal it. Great for when you’re working with sensitive client data, doing online banking or just using your passwords to log into any online accounts
  • No VPN? Instead of using Wi-Fi, use your mobile device as a hotspot instead. Obviously, this will eat up your mobile data faster than our kids can eat a doughnut, so make sure your data plan is able to handle it.
  • Make sure no one can do a runner with your laptop by investing in a Kensington lock. It looks like a bicycle lock and works in much the same way. You can also get them for desktops, so if you have members of the public in your working environment, you might want to check them out.

Useful Updates

A really easy way to stay on top of computer security is to keep everything on your computer up to date. So, stop ignoring those pesky Windows updates and get it done! (It’s also a good excuse to go and have a coffee break too, we won’t tell anyone).

Anti-virus software is another boring-yet-essential component of computer security; is yours up to date?

Let Us Do The Boring Sh*t So You Don’t Have To

Keeping on top of updates, virus protection, and general security stuff is a yawn. Even more so what with Computer Security Day not even being a real holiday.

Still, here at MausTech every day is computer security day (yes, we’re a hoot at parties…) and with one of our monthly packages we can keep on top of the security of all of your devices for you. We can even schedule operating system or software updates for when they won’t cause business downtime. We’ll even chuck in some anti-virus protection. Clever huh?

We are happy to have a chat, in person or over the phone, so drop us an email or call us!