Just What Has World Environment Day Got To Do With Tech Support?

We’ve got a confession to make… Are you ready? We’re total tree-hugging hippies.

What on earth does World Environment Day have to do with tech support? | MausTech

Well, neither of us has actually hugged a tree in our lives, but we are very eco-conscious and try to live as ethically as possible. Fear not, this blog post isn’t trying to convert you to veganism, or trying to convince you to grow your own food or something. This is still a tech-related blog after all.

There is a point to this little confession of ours though and that’s that today is World Environment Day. Basically it was a nice segue into the rest of the post.

What on earth does World Environment Day have to do with tech support? | MausTech

The theme of World Environment Day is… wait for it… drum roll… air pollution! Ok, ok, so that doesn’t sound exciting but it is something that concerns all of us. We all breathe, right?

You’re probably thinking “Ok, I can handle that you’re a bit of an eco-warrior and telling me it’s World Environment Day gives me something to post on Instagram, so cheers, but what the ever-loving fudge has that got to do with MausTech?”.

Well ever since we’ve been in business, we’ve thought long and hard about how to make MausTech as eco-friendly and ethical as possible. And that includes thinking about how we help with issues such as air pollution.

How We Try To Beat Air Pollution

• Most of the time our client work is done remotely. So that means no jumping in the car and adding to the already high levels of pollution from traffic. (Did you know that drivers are not safe from emissions inside their cars, especially if in traffic? In fact HGV drivers are exposed to the highest levels).

• When we go to networking events we find someone to car share with. Again, it cuts down on traffic pollution. (Another scary fact: In Hackney, children have been found to have smaller lungs than they should by age 9, due to air pollution).

• As much as we love a chat over a good cup of coffee, when we need to chat to individual clients we try to stick to the phone, email or Zoom. Again, it means not using the car so much.

• We’ve cut down on office waste by using Evernote and Office 365 to work collaboratively, make notes, share files, etc. That’s a lot of paper saved from recycling (which ironically causes air pollution!).

• Where possible, we re-use or recycle packaging from deliveries.

• We use energy efficient lightbulbs. This might not seem like it has anything to do with air pollution, but energy consumption plays its part (especially fossil fuels).

• We conserve energy by turning off computers, printers, etc. when not in use. No standby mode here!

• We have plants everywhere to help with the air quality. Victoria swears that this is the reason and not just that she’s a crazy plant lady.

We know that we’re not perfect and, for us, being eco-minded isn’t about striving for perfection. It’s about making small manageable changes that have a positive impact. That’s why this week Victoria has been looking into schemes for planting trees and reading a lot about air pollution. She may also have her eye on some new plants…

What on earth does World Environment Day have to do with tech support? | MausTech

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