Who The Heck Are MausTech?

Why are we re-branding? We hold our hands up, it’s honestly because we made a bit of a mess of things.

Don’t get us wrong, when it comes to IT support we’re awesome at what we do. But social media, marketing and all that junk? Let’s just say it’s not been our skill set. It doesn’t help that IT must be one of the dullest industries to work in; hardly Instagram-able is it?

So, we’re starting again.

We could have just carried on as we were but just upped our social media game, but the time felt right for an overhaul. New name, new branding, new everything. We’re not paying lip service to re-branding here.This isn’t a case of swapping out a logo and ordering some new business cards.(Although we do like our shiny new business cards!)

What’s In A Name?

The name change is an important one for us. Firstly, a few other companies had nicked our last business name, cheeky sods. Then we realised that hardly anyone could pronounce it anyway, so we changed it to MausTech… oh dear… here we go again…

Ahem, so MausTech (yes, it really is pronounced “mouse”) seemed like the obvious choice. When you’re gifted a name that sounds pretty funny in the industry you work it, you might as well use it! Putting our name on our business also reflects the personal approach we take to working with our clients too.

We’re MausTech, Pleased To Meet You…

So who are MausTech?

We are husband and wife (to be) team, Andy and Victoria. You can find out more about us here.

We know, after years of experience, that many businesses rely on computers to keep running. We also know that, for most, tech is boring. It’s a time-consuming headache that can lead to heartache if not managed properly. It can also be bloody expensive.

Our aim is to alleviate all of that.

We help computer-reliant businesses to have affordable and reliable IT support without the headaches, heartache or boredom.

How do we do that? By offering monthly 24/7 support packages that cost as little as £8 per computer (yes, really!). By developing relationships with our clients and getting to know their businesses. By having a bit of fun with our social media. By not being your usual soulless tech support company basically.

Fancy A Freebie?

(Of course you do. Who doesn’t like free stuff?!)

Want to uncover the deep, dark secrets that your computer is keeping from you? Then you need to check this out.