You Wouldn’t BELIEVE What We’ve Seen On Some People’s Computers…

You wouldn't believe the stuff we see on people's computers... |MausTech

One of the questions we get asked quite a bit is “have you ever found anything dodgy on someone’s computer?” We clearly know a lot of nosey people.

Of course, when dealing all kinds of devices, particularly those that people use for business and pleasure, we do tend to come across stuff that people would probably rather we didn’t. We don’t go looking for your embarrassing videos, your pirated movies and anything else you think you’ve hidden away, but sometimes these things are uncovered when we’re fixing other problems.

Being the super-duper professional people that we are, we’d never tell anyone what we’ve found; unless it’s illegal of course. Oh yes, we’ve dealt with a few… ahem… sensitive issues before.

Using That Work Device At Home?

Plenty of people do. And of course, not all of those people are downloading or consuming questionable content. But maybe someone they live with is. We’ve come across a few instances where business laptops are riddled with viruses because teenagers, or even babysitters, have borrowed them to download music or movies. Or worse. (We’ll leave that to your imagination…)

So what do you do?

Do you tell employees that laptops or mobile phones are only to be used for work purposes?

Do you tell them not to let anyone else near their devices?

You can try. But let’s be real here, is everyone going to do that? Probably not. Not when they have a child that just needs ten minutes on the internet to research something for their homework. Or it’s takeaway night and their partner fancies ordering a pizza. Or when your employee needs to check their personal email.

Spot The Theme?

Yep, it’s the Internet. As much as we love it (we couldn’t live without Netflix!) it’s also where viruses are hanging out just waiting to disrupt your life and your business.

More than once, we’ve dealt with viruses running rampant from laptop to server and encrypting everything in sight. Just imagine losing every document anyone in your company has ever created. You’ve probably broken out in a cold sweat, haven’t you?

It’s not just threats coming into your business you need to worry about either. We’ve had clients with unhappy former employees who have swiped confidential information to try to poach customers for themselves. You never know whether that nice guy you interviewed last week and seemed perfect is going to turn out to be the worst mistake you ever made.(Yep, even worse than that tattoo you got when you’re were 19 because everyone else was doing it).


It’s not our intention to scare you but you can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to letting computers and other devices off your premises.

You’ve probably guessed that we have just the solution for all of these problems (amazing eh?).

Of course, the first thing we’re going to suggest is that you get your devices onto one of our remote support packages. And from £8 per month, frankly you’d be crazy not to. We’ll even throw in anti-virus protection. You’re welcome.

We also offer a boringly-named-yet-very-useful mobile device management package. This stuff can control how safe your internal documents are whilst your employees are using laptops and mobiles outside of the workplace. It might sound dull, but it’s life-saving when it comes to keeping your documents safe.

We would love to talk to you about how MausTech can keep your business secure. We promise we won’t talk to you in jargon or bore you to death. Sound good? You can contact us here.